We Care about the Environment

We Care about the environment – Permeable Pavers

In cooperation with the partners below, CTS has installed permeable pavers to protect the Chesapeake Bay Watershed by reducing runoff from our church grounds.


Pollinator Garden

In May 2021, 125 Native Plants were planted in the circle, as part of the Permeable Pavers Parking Project.

  • They are healthier and stronger because they have a better resistance to local weather
  • They create wildlife habitat in your back yard providing food & shelter
  • They help the environment:
  • They use less water, fertilization, and pesticides
  • They can prevent water runoff and improve air quality by reducing air pollution
  • Decrease pollution and eliminate the need for mowers
  • They have the ability to pull and store excess carbon
  • They are low maintenance
  • They add splendor to your landscape (variety of colors and textures, varying in height and bloom times.

RAISED garden

In 2017, the youth created a vegetable garden, a 6′ x 25′ raised garden surrounded by concrete blocks, by the labyrinth and parking lot. Currently there are honeydew melons and pumpkins growing there.

Labyrinth Garden

In September 2013, a labyrinth garden was installed as an Eagle Project by Paul Mayer.

A labyrinth garden is an ancient spiritual tool designed to foster contemplation and spiritual transformation. Walked by contemplatives and lay people alike for centuries, labyrinths are typically formed as a circle with a singular path leading to a center and constructed out of a wide range of materials.

The labyrinth garden is used during some of our Holy Week services. It is also used for “Blessing of the Animals” services.

Memorial Garden

In March, 1999 a memorial garden was created next to the Sunday School rooms with the following criteria:

  • As many evergreen plants as possible so there would be color all year (evergreens come in a variety of greens, blues and reds) The plants would also have flowers and or berries.
  • A sacred place for ashes
  • Some type of rock formation
  • A path way
  • An area for benches
  • Every thing selected would be low maintenance
  • Area is handicapped accessible
  • A quiet place for mediation and safe location for individuals

Worship services for Palm Sunday and All Saint’s Day begin in the Memorial Garden.

Our facility is environmentally conscious

  • We use LED lighting.
  • We use reusable cups, dishes, coffee mugs, and silverware for our dinners.
  • We recycle paper and plastic.
  • We host a yearly yard sale for the reuse of items.
  • We encourage the use of only one paper towel in our bathrooms.
  • We also host a mating pair of vultures who have taken summer residence on the roof of our church and enjoy the music by occasionally dancing along to it.